On Location: New York

by leelefever ( | | | )
It's cold, again.  We had enough cold in Canada really, but we have yet to see many temperatures in NYC above freezing. It goes with the territory I suppose, and it adds to the the wintery and Christmasy feel of the city, but it's cold and the summer of New Zealand is looking oh-so-good.
Right now we're having an appliance face-off in our hotel room.  We have a heater without a thermastat that makes the room too hot.  So, we turn on the air conditioning on to acheive some balance in the temperature. .
We're not doing so great on the whole "defeating jet lag" strategy.  We were up until past 2 last night and this afternoon we had a 2 hour nap, so I'm sure we'll be up again tonight, faithful to our Seattle schedule.
So far we haven't boarded any wrong trains or been late to any appointments, but we realize that we have the luxury of all signs being in English- but still, it's good practice. I really enjoy the train rides out of the city- going through the Bronx and Harlem, it's seems like the real New York somehow with huge residential high rises.
We're taking it easy tonight.  We're in the Murray Hill Neighborhood, which is around Lexington and 30th - due south from Grand Central Station about 12 blocks.  We really like the neighborhood- lots of great food. Tonight we got cheap and good Indian take-out from a place called Curry and Curry at 153 East 33rd St.  Good stuff. Tomorrow it's downtown, Central Park and dinner with some travelers we met via this site. 

by susie gardner (not verified) on December 13, 2005 - 7:20pm

congrats on starting your trip. while in new york, see if you can make it to:

1. the corner bistro for amazing burgers (or so says the burger connoisseur in our house) and cheap, good mcsorley's beer: 331 w. 4th st. at jane st.

2. and chase the burger down with a cupcake or two from magnolia, within walking distance of corner bistro at 401 bleecker, cross is 11th.


eat a cupcake for me! 

by leelefever on December 14, 2005 - 2:13pm
Hey Susie, We tried so hard to make to both the corner bistro and Magnolias, but we just couldn't do it. Sometimes the subways just don't go where you need when you need em. Plus it's so damn cold out it's hard to be outside for long. Thanks so much for the suggestions though!