Travis' General Theory of Tourism

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By: leelefever on September 29, 2005 - 8:34am

Our friends Travis and Susie from Hop Studios just got back from Singapore.  Their trip apparently inspired Travis to create a "General Theory of Tourism", based on a six-pointed Star of David style graphic:
tourism theory
 He follows with some useful perspectives:

Every possible tourist activity falls into one (or in a few cases, several) of those categories.  Satisfaction comes from doing something that is more extreme and interesting and new in one of these six ways.  Tourist activities cost money, of course, and the amount you’re willing to pay is increased by what extent it fulfills one of the six categories (and correspondingly limited by the total amount of funds you’ve got at your disposal).


 I'm digging Travis' perspectives.  Read more here.

Thanks to Geeky Traveler for the link. 

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