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By: leelefever on October 2, 2005 - 8:20pm

We've been operating in a mostly slealthy mode for the last few months and that's about to change.  On Tuesday, I'll post links and descriptions to this site on my Common Craft blog, which will hopefully prompt others to link to TwinF and bring some attention to our little site here.

It's really hard to guess what will happen.  Of course, I'm expecting millions of new members and obscene glory. Confetti will fall from the sky and a helicopter will come and take us both to the Web 2.0 Conference, all expenses paid.

Really though, I'm super excited about the whole thing and a bit anxious. At the very least, I'll be interested to see if a few folks will come and check out the site. I'll be watching a free web stats tool called MapStats that I heard about from Boris. Fun times these days, fun times.