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By: leelefever on October 17, 2005 - 9:01am

More than ever before, the trip seems to be staring us in the face.  Sachi stepped through our plans all the way up to the departure and it seems sooo damn close.  It's like we'll have Halloween, go to a wedding, participate in a conference and then we leave. Yikes!

Just this morning I was emailing with a friend about getting together and it seemed so real to me that there are a finite number of opportunities to see our friends before we leave- and the calendar is filling up. 

And it's even harder with new friends.  At the recent meeting I went to in Sonoma, I met a couple of local Seattle folks and thought "I'd really like to hang out with them in Seattle."  Then, I remember the trip and had to repeat what has become a common saying for us... "Maybe in 2007".



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