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By: leelefever on March 17, 2006 - 10:37pm

We're zig-zagging our way across the Indian Ocean, thanks to favorable air fares.  From Sri Lanka, we went back to Singapore and took a cheap bus to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where we've been for a few days.  "KL" as everyone calls it is OK, but not my favorite place.  The food has been awesome and it's super cheap, but it's a huge city with less character than I imagined.  The next time in Malaysia, we'll do the non-city tour for sure.

 We're staying in China Town at a place called the "Hotel Chinatown Inn" which is perfect for us - recommended.  $28US per night, perfect central location, AC, etc.  They have late check out too, which we need badly today.

There is a Formula One race starting tomorrow that I wish we could see, but we're heading to Mumbai India tonight, which should be an amazing experience.  India is considered to be one of the hardest places to travel, so I think we'll be challenged a bit- but it will be really interesting and we're both excited.

Suddenly yesterday, both of our ATM cards stopped working and we spent this morning trying to reach Bank of America to get it all set.  It's funny how hard things can be sometimes.

I hope to have the Treo working again to be able to do some moble blogging from India, which I miss greatly. 

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Carrick's picture
By: Carrick on March 18, 2006 - 10:55pm

Lee, there have been many reports over the last week or so concerning ATM card fraud, and many banks are suspending overseas ATM transactions, B of A included. You might be seeing the effects. For more see this Google News link.

Good luck.