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By: leelefever on April 4, 2006 - 12:39am

In Bangkok, originally uploaded by LeeLeFever_TwinF.

After a quite gruelling trip from Delhi, we've made it to Bangkok. We're both in good health but recovering a bit. Here's how NOT to fly from Delhi to Bangkok...

-Leave Delhi at 11:30pm

-Arrive Colombo, Sri Lanka 3:00am

-Attempt to sleep in airport till 7am

-Depart Colombo 8am

-Arrive Bangkok 12noon

Sri Lankan Airlines is a great airline, but man connecting through Colombo is a hassle. Sometimes cheap fares cost more than money.

So far we haven't seen much in Bangkok outside of Siam Square, which is a big shopping area. It's already quite a contrast from Sri Lanka and India. A few of the biggest things so far are::

-The driving is quite orderly

-There are equal numbers of men and women in public

- Being in public is less of a hassle

- It's freaking HOT

We have the Treo 650 working here, so blogging, checking email, etc. should be easy.

If you'd like to call us on your dime, our number is: (country code: 66) 095131621. We dare u. :) We'll put it on the Contant Us page too.

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By: Amy (not verified) on April 4, 2006 - 8:15am
Don't forget to have a Thai massage at Wat Poh and go to beach at Koh Chang (island)
By: Casey (not verified) on April 4, 2006 - 3:50pm
Try to find a local person selling pineapples on the street...they are awesome and cheap for b-fast. Drink a large Beer Chang for me. Also, see if you can find a street vendor selling fried bugs...and take pics of you eating them. Also eat a banana pancake off a street vendor, pad thai, and the spring rolls. Take pics of Koh San road bars and lady-boys...but be stealthy cuz they can be mean! Looking forward to your upcoming adventures! Safe travels...C
By: leelefever on April 9, 2006 - 1:30am
Good stuff Casey and Amy!