Norway's Lofoten Islands

By: leelefever on October 6, 2006 - 7:47am

Put simply, Norway's Lofoten Islands are surely the most stunning mountain scenery we've ever experienced. I'll let the pictures and a few anecdotes tell the story...

We stayed in a tiny fishing village called Henningsvaer,or Henningsvær, if you want to be accurate.  Our lodging for three nights was a "rorbu", which is a fisherman's cabin redone for visitors.  It was low season, so we got it for half price for three nights (USD$80 per night). It had a kitchen, a view over the water, four beds and low doorways - as my head would tell you.  Our expectations were exceeded from the start.

 Having a kitchen was nice because Norway is obscenely expensive: $8 dollars to rent a DVD, $10 for a pint of beer at a restaurant.  We ate meatballs and noodles at "home".  Speaking of home, this was the view out of the back.

 and from the side...

 The little town of Henningsvær, is called "the Venice of the Lofotens". I think every country has a "Venice of" and "Paris of".  It is an incredibly charming place.

Here's a closer look at the mountains in the back...

However, the real sights, the real drama and the reason we took two days to arrive were the mountains that seemed to go on and on and provide a perfect backdrop for quaint arctic dioramas.



The Lofotens only get about 280,000 tourists a year, likey thanks to being so far out of the way. When we were there, it was low season and the place was empty - closed for the season and preparing for weeks of darkness. We would both like to experience an arctic winter some day.  We've done an Asian summer - why not an arctic winter?


 Did you know?  Fjords are fjords because they are by the sea and are formed by glaciers.  That is why you find them in places like Norway and New Zealand - places where giant glaciers existed.

 Despite all the focus on sealife and catching cod - we saw little wildlife, but I made friends with a jellyfish that liked to pose for the camera in the unbelievably crystal clear water...



 In the end though, it was the glaciar-carved mountains in the rural artic settings that really peeled our scalp back, as our friend Tom would say.




anastasia's picture
By: anastasia on October 6, 2006 - 3:35pm

Incredible photos. Looks like a really serene place. It's feeling like fall here in Seattle as well - the leaves are all changing, but we've had beautiful weather, sunny and warm for this time of year (that is until today).


Just one question from the photos - are you guys drinking wine from a box :) ?? If so, where's it from and is it good? 


By: sachilefever on October 8, 2006 - 12:01am
Yes, wine from a box. Did we mention EVERYTHING in Norway is expensive! 25% sales tax to start.  The wine was actually very drinkable, more than expected for a few nights in a fisherman's cabin, and there are so many box wines available there. It was a Cab/syrah I believe JP Chenet, and worked out to be about $10 a bottle, $40 a box. I'd recommend it with meatballs and pesto pasta in the arctic circle...
By: Ton Zijlstra (not verified) on October 15, 2006 - 12:03pm
Although I would not recommend JP Chanet myself, there are quite a number of wines available in boxes (containing a 'sack' of wine) In the Netherlands a number of very decent South African wines are available in boxes, as well as Australian ones. Both red and white. Boxes come in very handy when you are e.g. sailing with a group, in stead of bottles rolling around the boat.