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Oh, the skepticism

By: leelefever on October 13, 2005 - 9:26am

Today TwinF got a nice link from MSNBC blogger Will Femia, who has a blog called "Clicked" that chronicles what he clicked on the web recently.  Will writes:

 These people are going around the world and are asking for your tips and pointers.  I'm not sure what the registration is about, I guess to keep out spam.  It doesn't look like they're trying to sell anything.

Will is right on both counts.  We have registration to keep out (or help control) spammers. Running a blog from the road will mean that we have compromises. One of which is requiring registration for people to add comments and Travel Experiences, which will likewise limit the amount of comments from well-meaning visitors.

Second, TwinF is not about selling or making money.  Using this site as a tool to sell something would go against the things we believe about what will make it work.  We believe that people are good and want to help and selling something would limit that trust. 

I should say that we do have some sponsorships in the works, but that is as close to selling as you'll see on TwinF. 

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Tell My Mom How Great It Will Be

By: sachilefever on October 12, 2005 - 4:08pm

My mom, for years, has consistently warned me about dangerous activities and unsafe places. For example, "Don't go bungee jumping or skydiving!" has been a familiar warning right before I tell her that bungee jumping in Nanaimo B.C. was awesome and my dad adds that he read about a cool place in New Zealand to luge. He smiles, "Don't worry, only 1 in 10 break a bone!" :)


She has recently changed her perspective and I have to say I was more than surprised last week when she mentioned, "I'm so glad you're going to all those countries and getting suggestions for where to go. I feel so good knowing that you and Lee are getting all the shots and taking the right precautions...And why wasn't Switzerland on your list? It's such a beautiful..." I realized she read Twinf cool is that?!  Your stories and experiences and our dispatches calmed any anxiety she had and let her feel good about the upcoming year! Though I do think she still worries about us skydiving.


100 Members

By: leelefever on October 12, 2005 - 9:21am

Just a quick note here... It's an exciting time here at TwinF. Yesterday a couple links from well-known sites like LifeHacker (thanks Keith!) jump started a little buzz that pushed TwinF onto the Popular Page of  From there, we've seen a load of unique visitors (700+), travel experiences and members.  In fact, today we reached the 100 registered-member mark.  Yay!

 If you have a blog or use, please do link to TwinF.  Thanks!


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2 months to go

By: leelefever on October 11, 2005 - 8:23pm

These days I must get asked 5 times a day "When are you guys leaving?"  Today it was nice because there were no calculations involved.  Two months from today we will have left our home in Seattle. 

It does get a little more complicated- we're not going straight to New Zealand.  In fact, we're going east, to New York City for a few days, and then south to North Carolina for Christamas.  Then we start heading west for a long time.    

We celebrated the two month landmark in high fashion- in an insurance office.  We're planning to get life insurance before we go and we're in the middle of getting quotes.  I'll spare you the jokes about one of us mysteriously not coming home... 

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160 Lbs. of Dog Food

By: leelefever on October 10, 2005 - 5:24pm

Sachi's brother Mark is keeping our dog Amos and we're trying to make it easy for him.  Today, Sachi got motivated and we went to the pet store and got 4 40lb bags of dog food. Just one more thing on long list of things we need to do before we leave.  That's one thing done.

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Check Out These Personal Travel Sites

By: leelefever on October 9, 2005 - 2:38pm

We've been on the lookout for other sites like this- where people have created a site to go along with their trip.  I've been pretty impressed.

Here are a few I've been following for a while now and recommend: - Andy has been traveling for many years straight, posts often and shares lot of interesting perspectives from around the world.

Constanttrek- This is pretty amazing.  This is an Australian couple who are walking (yes, walking) from London to Cape Town, South Africa.  Lately they are starting their trek across the Sahara with camels.  

TheRadBlog - Jon Rawlinson has gotten to be a friend lately and I've really enjoyed his site. Something unique are his videos which are impeccably edited and set to great music.

Jules and Emily - This is a Seattle couple doing a trip similar to what ours will be.  They don't post often, but are fun to watch. They are currently in Japan.

Nancy White - Nancy is a friend here in Seattle who often travels and shares her experiences- often of the gastronmic variety. Yum! 


We've also heard about a few more from TwinF readers:

I'm sure there a ton more out there.  Please do comment if you are aware of other sites...



San Francisco Airport

By: leelefever on October 8, 2005 - 10:19am
As I mentioned before, I have a history of being late and lost in the San Francisco area. This trend has been reversed starting today. I left Sonoma and drove directly to the SF airport without a single problem. AND, I'm early! Right now I'm typing away on the Treo sitting in the airport thinking about how stupid it is that it costs $10 for wifi access in the airport when it's free in some whole neighborhoods in Seattle. I just went over the Golden Gate Bridge - you can see a running total of my pictures here:

Take a Polaroid

By: leelefever on October 7, 2005 - 2:24pm

I just heard a good piece of advice from a fellow conference participant about something to bring on the trip- a polaroid camera.  I don't know if it will fit in the backpack too well, but I thought it was interesting.

The idea is that you have two cameras- the "good" camera and a polaroid. When you see someone you'd like to take a picture of, it's a good thing to be able to offer the person something- an offering for their time.  As opposed to money, we could take a picture with the good camera and then take a polaroid picture to give the person.   She said that it makes for an awesome gift that is fun and a great way to spread good will.

Now, we just need a lightweight pocket-sized polaroid camera. Thanks for the idea Karen!

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Sonoma, California: Elegantly Casual

By: leelefever on October 7, 2005 - 8:29am

I’m not doing much “wine country” sight seeing while in Sonoma.  Though, I have had a couple of glasses of nice red wine (it’s required while here).  The hotel where I’m saying provides a free bottle of white wine in the little mini-fridge.  A nice touch that I may have to take advantage of tonight.


Sonoma is one of those places that is almost too nice, whatever that means. It’s historic, beautiful and cultured.  Being “wine country”, it has an inherent bit of snootiness that’s not very palpable, but there and perhaps even part of the culture. Last year when I was here for the same conference, I went to a wine shop on the plaza and got the feeling that the people in the shop didn’t really want to talk to me about how little I know about wine.


Sonoma a playground for the wine-sipping and appreciating populations of America.  With them (us?) comes a bit of class and high expectations as a group.  Fortunately, Sonoma works hard to exceed those expectations, which means really great food, yummy wine in a beautiful, laid back setting for all comers. 


Last night I had an excellent dinner at the El Dorado kitchen, which is described in what must be the most popular words in Sonoma: "elegant casual." It fits.


I’m heading back to Seattle tomorrow (Saturday).


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Not the way to start the day

By: leelefever on October 6, 2005 - 9:35am

I'm in the Bay Area (California) for work and have a history of being lost driving around this area.  I left Oakland this morning for Sonoma.  Before I left, my friend Caleb said, "Don't get on the Bay Bridge and you'll be fine."  Of couse, 10 mins later I'm in traffic, about to pay 3 dollars to cross the Bay freaking Bridge.  I have no choice, so I wait and then turn around at a place called "Treasure Island".  I didn't see any pirates.

I made it to Sonoma on time and I'm about to do a presentation.  Wish me luck.

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