Aren't You Excited?

By: leelefever on November 26, 2005 - 6:03pm

6 months ago, when looking forward to the weeks before the trip, I would have guessed that the excitement and anticipation would be overwhelming.  My Mom wondered recently in an email if I’ve been losing sleep (which seems completely plausible at this point).

Here at the 2 week marker, we are incredibly excited, let there be no doubt.  But, are we as excited as we would have guessed?  No.  Are we losing sleep? No.  Are we at peace?  Sort of.  It's like the trip is something so different and life altering compared to what we've experienced previously that the normal excitement doesn't apply. 

We’ve been talking about how it feels right now and the basic idea is that the trip is too big to be excited about in the way that we would look forward to a 2 week vacation.  We’ve been planning and mentally preparing for so long that we’re in a kind of a “zone” where we are intently focused on finishing the long list of tasks that will finally enable us to leave our home with a clear conscience.  I don’t think that we can allow ourselves the euphoric excitement that we expect until we’re done preparing, or perhaps the moment we step on the first plane and leave it all behind. 

Until then we’ll just keep counting the days, tying the loose ends and awaiting the arrival of the biggest adventure of our lives so far.  Then, I think you'll be reading about excitement.

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