Adding 10 Days to Japan

By: leelefever on May 10, 2006 - 6:13pm

Since we arrived, we've been considering adding some time to our stay in Japan.  Part of the decision hinged on our ability to change the flights- would their be a fee?  Could we do it online? Where is a Thai Airways office?

Sachi found a partial address for a Thai Airways office in Fukuoka, Japan, on the island of Kyushu.  Our journey to the Thai office further convinces us that Japan is worthy of 10 more days.

We struck out on the subway headed for a station that is supposed to  be near a building called "Hinode".  So, as usual, we stepped out of the subway and into an utterly unfamiliar world.  After asking 3 different people, we arrived at the Hinode building and found no sign of Thai Airways- then the fun really began.

We asked a young guy, who proceeded to go out of his way to make sure we found Thai Airways.  He went back to his office and returned with his PDA and looked up the address. 

He then went outside twice and returned, only to go back outside another time.  After literally running around the lobby of the building, he motioned us to follow him through a back door.  The back door went down and alley and around a street corner to the other side of the building, where we found Thai Airways.  

He didn't only tell us where it was, he looked it up and went outside and checked it himself before coming back to get us.  The Japanese are unerringly helpful in this way.  We were both so impressed and really wanted to buy the guy a beer or lunch or something, but he just accepted our many arigatos with a smile and went back to work.  I wonder if 10 more days will be enough?

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