Ouch My Shoulder

By: leelefever on November 26, 2005 - 7:39pm

I really wish I could tell this story and have it be true...

Over the weekend I was kayaking and went over a 20 foot waterfall and dislocated my left shoulder.

The problem is that the actual story of dislocating my shoulder is much much less glamorous.  Our house has a backyard and in that backyard is a shed and within that shed are various bags of fertilizer, peat moss, soil, etc.  Evidently, we have critters that enjoy scratching open the bags and spilling the innards out onto the floor, in search of food I suppose.  It bugs the hell out of me.

I recently discovered, in said shed, giant mouse traps (rat traps) left by the previous owner and spent a little while figuring out how to set it.  Upon setting it and scoping out the perfect location to place it, I bent over and carefully placed the trap onto the floor using my left arm.  Just as I let go of the trap, which could easily break a finger, SNAP!, it went off. I must have jumped a foot into the air with my arm recoiling. 

It happened instantaneously but long enough for me to hear IT happen- the removal of my humerus from the shoulder socket. 

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