TraveI Insurance - World Nomads

By: leelefever on January 1, 2006 - 9:42pm

In doing research for the trip, we quickly learned that travel insurance is recommended and decided that it would be a necessary cost.  Luckily we got hooked up with World Nomads, which is a provider of travel insurance for organizations like Lonely Planet.  We were a bit skeptical at first but liked their converage and really felt good about the way they communicate- it means a lot to us.  Here is an example of how they describe their coverage:

If you are wildlife-watching in the extremes of Alaska and are attacked by a polar bear, are you covered? It depends. You see, if the bear attacks you while you were watching them as a part of a wildlife safari or trekking, then YES we would cover you (assuming the bear didn't catch you of course), but if you were chasing the bear having had a beer too many the night before and you thought it would be a laugh, er, then NO we wouldn't.

We're happy to have World Nomads as a TwinF sponsor for our travel insurance and, judging from our experience so far, we recommend them to others. We should also disclose that we are also a World Nomads affiliate, meaning that if we point potential customers to World Nomads, we can make a small commission.

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