About Us


10 things about Lee and Sachi:

1. We were married on August 28th, 2004

2. Lee is from North Carolina

3. Sachi is from Hawaii

4. We have a dog named Amos

5. We live in the Mt. Baker neighborhood of Seattle

6. Lee is a web consultant, see CommonCraft.com

7. Sachi finished her MBA in June of 2005.

8. We love ethnic food and red wine

9. Lee's family owns a goldfish hatchery

10. Sachi is half-japanese and speaks less than half the language

10 things about the trip

    1. We left in December, 2005 and returned in December of 2006.

2. We're started in New Zealand/Australia/Singapore

3. We didn't plan out the trip ahead of time

4. We'll took the Trans-Siberian railway from Beijing the Moscow to start the western tour.

5. We hoped to do Africa and South America, but didn't make it.

6. The trip still seems to be too good to be true

7. Our beloved dog Amos is staying home with Sachi's brother Mark

8. We followed summer around the globe

9. Lee posted over 100 dispatches from his mobile phone.

10. Sachi is allergic to mosquitoes, but it wasn't a big deal at all

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