Jet Boating, Queenstown New Zealand

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By: leelefever on February 1, 2006 - 4:22pm

I have a bit of a mental issue with Queenstown.  I want to call it Queensland, which is in Australia.  My brain will not allow me to call it anything but Queensland, leading Sachi to say things like “Maybe it’s like that there too, in Australia”.

QueensTOWN is known as one of the adventure capitals of the world.  It was where bungy jumping was invented and has since spawned all sorts of adventure activities, some borrowed, some invented.

Among all the choices, we narrowed it down to two- things we’d never done and might not be able to do in other places around the world. They were jet-boating and river boarding.

The jet boating is one of the “big four” activities that people do in Queenstown, which also includes Bungy Jumping, River Rafting and Sky Diving. It cost $99NZ ($70 US) per person and included about 25 minutes on the water, run by Shotover River Jet, which is the best, from what we heard.

The boats are an amazing piece of machinery.  They are like jet skis that hold 14 people have twin v-6 engines and can go in 6 inches of water.  I’ve never seen anything handle like that, as they cruise through a gorge only inches from rocks. The combination of incredible speed, impressive scenery, precision driving made for a great overall experience.

By: Matt_B on May 27, 2008 - 3:02pm
I've actually been on that Shotover Jet... killer times! It's ridiculous how it maneuvers... as you say, more like a jet ski then this hulking big boat! I'm headed across to Queenstown again soon, because the ski season's on... looking for some Queenstown accommodation and hotels right now as a matter of fact. I'm thinking that it might be a bit cold to hit up the Shotover Jet again, but you never know... we'll see how crazy I feel :P