Döner kebab - A meal on the go in Germany.

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By: akshay on October 13, 2005 - 6:12am

 Turks are to Germany what Indians and Pakistanis are to Britan and Italians were to New York.. Also as the Indians introduced chicken tikka masala, curry and chai to Britan the Turks introduced the döner kebab.

Doner Kebab.

 And at only 1.50 euro is probably the cheapest thing people with devalued currencies can afford [me]. Germans consume 200 to 300 metric tons of döner kebab per day. In 1998, they spent about €1.5 billion on döner kebabs. Also they're are supposed more popular then the home grown Currywurst or the frankfurter



By: leelefever on October 16, 2005 - 11:34am
I just want to say that I love this kind of post. Reading it, I learn something new (a way to save money no less!) and will make a point to get a Döner kebab when in Germany. Great stuff...Thanks akshay!
By: dodomeister on October 17, 2005 - 9:52am
... and, of course, if you want to munch some decent Döner, just walk through Berlin Kreuzberg's Oranienstrasse. Currywurst heaven would be located in the former East of Berlin at Konopke, right at the S-Bahn at Schönhauser Allee.