Cambodia: A land of Bittersweet memories

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By: justin on April 27, 2006 - 12:29am

I see you guys are in Thailand, so I guess you are going to heading to Cambodia in the near future. You should love it. Someone decribed Cambodia as like "being on drugs all the time, which is sort of true.


Here are a few interesting thing about Cambodian culture:  

You are in a poor town. You go to the market. There among the meat and herbs you see a silver merchants. Cambodian's don't use banks. Instead they buy silver etc. and trade up everytime they have more money saved. Once they have enough for a big ticket item, a moto, an ox etc. The sell their silver.


The current Prime minister was a general in the Khmer Rouge. Auto genocide a weird thing. When you visit the killing fields you will see what I mean; hire a guide. They all have personal stories. The trail of ex-leaders of the khmer rouge just started before xmas 2005. A little late huh? Hopefullythe killing fields hasn't changed too much, I believe it was sold to a japenese company. Short sighted Cambodian government policy again.


Hashish is a common ingredient in Khmer cooking.


Corruption is rife, but can you blame them?  A cop tried to sell me his badge. Others tried to fine me when on motos. There are lots of stories. Tall to any you meet from NGO's working there.


Visit the musical doctor in Siem reap, he runs the very good hospital there. Ask around. I think he performs on wednesday? 


 Cambodians are VERY superstitious.


There are quite alot of Khmer bloggers!! 


Anyway before you go read this website to get the up-to-date lowdown on border crossings And try to stay in 100% Khmer owned accomadation.



I'll be back in Asia in 3 days, great :-) 

Go nÉirí an bhothar leat.



By: leelefever on April 27, 2006 - 2:49am
Thanks Justin- we are going to be heading there soon. This will help a ton.