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By: leelefever on June 26, 2006 - 10:46pm

Last week in Chiang Mai, we took a couple of days of cooking classes and met a couple from the Bay Area named Nadav and Anya.  Through some chit-chat we discovered that they have been on a journey similar to ours, including a few days on the Thai island of Phi Phi.

After the class was over, we got an email from Nadav and this is what it said:

So nice to meet you today...As it turns out, we've been reading your blog for about a week already. We were looking for information on Phi Phi, did a google blogsearch and found you! Thanks to your post, we decided to go. Thanks for the recommendation! Best wishes, and happy trails How cool! I'm excited that we were able to point these guys to something we enjoyed, but also I think it is great that we can use this little site to encourage people to visit a beautiful place that really needs more help (in the form of tourist dollars) recovering from the tsunami.