Naxos, Greece

By: Carter on November 5, 2006 - 10:49pm
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Two friends and I spend a wonderful Easter weekend on the island of Naxos a few years ago.  It is an enchanting island that is not overly touristy.  Its a good place for some R&R as well as hiking (if you're so inclined).  

The hotel we stayed at was one of the best budget accommodations I've ever experienced - Hotel Grotta, run by a brother and sister.   The rooms are spacious and have TV, phone, nice bathrooms (although I don't know about wireless).  Some have veranda views of the ocean.  The highlight of the experience - hands down - is the traditional Greek breakfast.  Buffet style yogurt, honey, cheese, bread, meats, honey cake, juice . . . its included in the room price, and you will be well fortified for your activities later in the day!  We paid ~ US$45 a night for a triple room in 2001.  And they gave us a bottle of wine!

Dimitrios was kind enough to loan my friends and I a well-worn copy of Walking Tours of Naxos.  This slim guide has short to medium-length walks to see such sites as ancient Kouros and temples.  You can see one of the most iconic ancient ruins as you sail into the harbor of Naxos town - the freestanding gate that was part of a temple to Apollo that was never finished.  

We spent 3 days on Naxos and were able to visit some of the smaller towns (Ano Sagri, another town at the North end of the island - Apollonas, maybe?).   

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