Nimal De Silva: Sri Lanka Guide and Driver

Just few weeks ago we came back from great holiday in Sri Lanka. Of course we were looking forward to our holiday but I think that none of us expected that 13 days in Sri Lanka will be so nice.

We were to Sri Lanka with my husband and parents and enjoyed every minute of our stay. We spent 10 days with traveling around the country and had 3 days of rest in the south cost. Before the holiday we made an itinerary and started looking for a travel agent. In the end we decided for Nimal Silva ( and must say that it was a perfect choice.

Nimal knows a lot about his country, was very friendly and most of all - he loves his job. The whole trip was just according to our wishes. We can highly recommend him.

I think two weeks is just the minimum to get to know the country a little bit. But we know we want to come again in the future - Sri Lanka has fantastic nature, lot of places to see and people are friendly and nice here. It is really worth visiting.