Seattle People Unite! (Again)

By: leelefever on December 3, 2006 - 7:19am

We do love Seattle and plan to be there for a while, but it seems that many of our friends have chosen to move on to other places.  Of course, this gives us more people to visit along the way.

Shawn and Laura, who both lived in Chapel Hill, NC for a while, lived in Seattle for most of our time there and become some of our best friends.  We stayed with them for a night and nearly came to blows over who would buy dinner (Shawn won) :-).  It was awesome to see them and their dog Herbie.  Such great people.  Shawn is modest about his work in the music industry, but has a room full of gold records, including one of the amazing Garden State Soundtrack.  I was plotting how to fit it in my bag.  This is us in their Atlanta neighborhood.

  Next we trekked up to Rome, in northwestern Georgia to see a guy named Charles whom we both worked with in Seattle and became close friends over the years.  Charles is good people - not a mean bone in his body and someone you can count on always.  After moving around the country and even being a cop for a while, Charles has returned to his roots and is working at the very same hospital where he was born in Rome Georgia. The is Sachi and Charles...