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By: leelefever on October 3, 2005 - 8:53pm
Over the next few days, we expect new folks to be checking out the site.  Our bet is that you are one of those folks.  If so, let me be the first to welcome you and say that you are looking magnificent. 
I've been asking myself what I should say to folks coming to the site for the first time. I would point you to all the things that get me excited, but I want you to find those for yourself. I would tell you about the trip and why we have this site, but that would be redundant.
So, let me give you a quick snapshot of our lives right now.  We are about two months from quitting our jobs and leaving our home for a year with backpacks.  Just today Sachi got custom-made orthotics for her hiking shoes (she has foot issues).  Yesterday we got a new bed for our 11 year old dog, who will be with Sachi's brother Mark here in Seattle while we're gone. I've been geeking out on a Palm Treo 650  (a phone/PDA) lately, preparing to use it to update this site from the road. Tonight we decided it was cool enough for a fire, so we built one.  It lasted about 15 minutes.
Virtually everything in our lives right now is focused on the trip.  From this point on, it's only going to get more intense.  We want to share the excitement with you. We hope you'll become a member so you can post comments and share your experiences.  We want this to be fun.
[Update] I awoke this morning to find that some changes were made last night that impact how the Maps on this site behaves in the Internet Explorer browser.  Sorry about that. It should be fixed soon. 

By: danielspils on October 5, 2005 - 6:10am
I used a Treo 650 for 2 months on tour earlier this year. It's a workhorse. I've dropped it countelss times. My only suggestion would be taping the battery coverplate on (even before it breaks -- which it will). The battery coverplate often flies off when you drop the Treo
Also, the Treo often has to be reset using the stylus and the reset button on the back. Good luck. 

By: Eric E on October 8, 2005 - 11:45am
Lee: Love the site. I'll be back often. Just a quibble: when I reset my password it wasn't obvious how to submity the info. I finally just hit Enter when I was clicked in a field, but any other way of submitting isn't obvious (I'm using someone else's PC today, so maybe the browser isn't displaying your site properly). Very nice design for the site. I have a suggestion for the photos of you and Sachi (which are great pics by the way). If you update your mug shots partway through the trip, it would be cool to keep the original mug shot on your older postings, so if someone goes to an older dispatch, they see what you looked like before you left, and if they go to a more recent one, they see the travelled versions of you. Just a thought.
By: leelefever on October 8, 2005 - 3:24pm
Thanks Eric, I think I know what's happening. All the "submit" buttons used to say the same thing, and it was somthing like "submit". Instead, we changed them to say "Add a Travel Experience", which works for a majority of the site, but not the Account page. So, I need to get that changed ASAP - thanks for the reminder!
By: leelefever on October 15, 2005 - 8:05am
Just posting that we've fixed the issuee with the "submit" button. Instead of "Add a travel experience" it now says "Do It Now" which is a little more universal. Thanks!