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By: leelefever on June 12, 2005 - 12:25pm

I've been advised to use the "story" node for blog entries by Sachi and I. Then, we'll use the "blog" node for contributions by members.

Right now, the contribution node is working well. We have a "contribute now" form that is hooked into the personal blog. Each member who contributes now will have hteir entry displayed on the "your contrbutions" page, the category archive page and (later) the front page.

The Stories are a bit different. Since all blog entries are automatically aggregated on one page, it's easy to have a page with all contributions and call the page "your contributions".

For the stories though, I'm not sure how to point to a specific page that is an aggregation of the posts from Sachi and me. For now, we set it so that only the "stories" are promoted to the front page, making the front page an aggregation both our travel blog entries and nothing else. This will work for a while...

Now I'm off to set the blog entries to display in the right nav on the front page.