2 Flights for the Price of 3 (I am an Idiot)

By: leelefever on October 6, 2006 - 7:18am

The little countdown gizmo on this site tells me that we’ve been on the road for 299 days as of today.  You’d think that in that time I would have travel arrangement down to a science.  Apparently not.

We were in Narvik, Norway and needed to fly to Oslo.  Before taking off to the Lofotens, I volunteered to get tickets on Norwegian Airlines.  Somehow, I managed to get a single ticket for myself and zero for Sachi.  To make up for it, I speedily got another ticket and we were set to fly in four days.  Upon returning to Narvik and our trusty wireless Internet connection, we checked email to verify our flight time and found that something was amiss.  Apparently, in my haste, I got Sachi a ticket for a flight that left at 12:30 that day instead of my flight at 9:15 that night. Of course, we discovered this too late at about 2:30. Despite my pleas with the Norwegian customer service, we were forced to buy another ticket, this time with Sachi on the same flight as me. 

I was humiliated and embarrassed – how could I be so careless?  Apparently it was easy, because when I got the third ticket, I purchased it under my name instead of Sachi’s, creating two Lee LeFevers on same flight.  Ugghhh.   

This was further proof that Sachi and I make a great team and my part of the team needs to stay away from airline reservations for a while. Luckily though, we have a killer jump shot and lots of team spirit.

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