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By: leelefever on March 19, 2006 - 6:24am

Before moving on to India, I just wanted to share some of the images from Malaysia...

This is the view from the Petronas Twin Towers Sky Bridge.  We had to get up early to wait in line for tickets and come back 3 hours later in order to spend 10 minutes on the bridge.  It was free, but I'm not sure it was worth the investment in time.

Here's the view from the ground.  Really beautiful buildings. 


We stayed in Chinatown, on Petaling Street (below).  It's a bit like Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas with more smell, bootleg versions of everything imaginable and foods that looked a bit suspicious. The best food we found was the outdoor restaurant/street food place with the pink tablecloths, where the waiter guys wear sports jerseys.

 In a somewhat regrettable move, we went to the Genting Highlands, which is "Malaysia's answer to Las Vegas", set in the cool mountains outside KL, about 5000 feet up.  It was impressively big and the competition to get to a gambling table was fierce.  We didn't.  We did find, however, that casinos there don't like open toed shoes- so I had to buy some socks. This is the Hotel First World...


  KFC and Pizza Hut are EVERYWHERE and usually packed with people. We steer clear.


 The highlight was meeting Marcus and Andrea from Germany.  This couple had been traveling for 2 years and we met them the night before they were going back to Germany. Their advice and company were priceless and their route was opposite ours, so they had been where we are going.  So cool.



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