By: leelefever on December 21, 2005 - 5:20am

I almost killed us yesterday.  We were on the way to the Magnolia Plantation just outside of Charleston and I was driving.  In the middle of telling a story, I looked up and the cars had stopped in front of us a bit unexpectedly, at least for me. I slammed on the breaks and ended up turning off the road (crossing the other lane) into a parking lot.  All was well, but Sachi now insists "No more telling stories- you just drive". I agree.

The Plantation has something I had never encountered before- a "Swamp Garden".  It sounds appealling eh?  It was pretty cool, I'd have to say. In the summer crocodiles live in the swamp and the scenery is somehow beautifully decayed.  Things seem to rot and be teeming with life at the same time.  What's a visit to SC without a Swamp Garden tour anyway?




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