Microbiology Memories on Sunset Beach

By: sachilefever on January 4, 2006 - 7:25pm

We listened to the waves of Sunset Beach and sat under the sun this afternoon. After a few minutes of feeling the warmth Lee was snapping shots of the waves, but my mind started focusing on Thymine Dimers.


My memory of Microbiology classes reminded me that when certain UV rays are absorbed by your DNA, two Thymine components in your DNA can be fused together (a Thymine Dimer) which can cause mutations in new proteins. Most of these mutations aren't bad. But sometimes laying in the sun too long can lead to very bad things.


I think about it every time I relax in the sun. And in a few days we're heading to countries with much higher levels of UV radiation!


Yes, Lee laughs and calls me a huge nerd.
Ahh, where the mind will wander when it's allowed to relax. 

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