Overnight Cruise in the Bay of Islands New Zealand on "The Rock"

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By: leelefever on January 13, 2006 - 7:12pm


Going on "The Rock" from Paihia, New Zealand in highly recommended, according to us. http://www.rocktheboat.co.nz.

The Rock is a two story boat with sleeping quarters for about 30 people. It used to be a vehicle barge but was converted about 5 years ago. It’s $148NZ per person and worth every penny. Along with dinner and breakfast, you get a full set of activities like: night kayaking among phosphorescent flagellum, dolphin viewing, snorkeling and diving for green lipped mussels, beach lounging, fishing for Red Snapper, pellet gun target practice and time with travelers from all over.

We could tell you about the activities, but it’s the people who make it the experience. In the wee hours of the morning, a Scotsman, and Irishman and an American got quite pissed and decided to discuss American politics over final three drinks ordered at last call. It made us feel the need to remind our fellow travelers that the views shared by some Americans are not shared by all Americans, especially regarding the "successful" foreign policy of the Bush Administration. We found ourselves on the side of the Europeans.

Their reputation for drinking was not lost on our Irish and Scottish friends. Sure enough, they closed down the house. I really had a great time with both of them and I could listen to Colin, the Scotsman, tell stories all night. His father and brother are paratroopers and one night they were pulling him behind a Range Rover like a parasail on land- until they hit some trees and sent him crashing to the ground and dragging across the pavement with the parachute ripped to shreds.

We seem to be in the middle ground of age groups. Most of the younger travelers are just out of college, the older ones, just into retirement. This leaves us in the middle and trying to keep up during drinking games with the youngsters. I have to take how many drinks? How do I get to make rules?

We’ve run into a couple of doppelgangers on the cruise. Jordan Rule- if you’re watching, your long lost twin brother from Indiana is here with us. Ryan Abernathy, your brother from Ireland was drunk last night.

By: Boris Mann on January 14, 2006 - 2:42pm
OK, I'm getting really jealous. Is TWINF going to become the hub site, the driving force behind getting other people to do this? Of course, my long term goal is to build a boat from scratch and sail it around the South Pacific. I lot of learning, training, and doing to be done before I get there... Glad to see you guys enjoying yourselves. Loving the content.
By: Sarah&Myke (not verified) on January 24, 2006 - 9:06pm
Sounds fun! Can't wait to travel ourselves!