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Netherlands tips - and Leipzig!

By: cwolz on October 10, 2006 - 11:13am

Lee and Sachi  -

Have not checked your site for a while- and enoyed seeing your adventures from Darjeeling to Lofoten Islands and more. Thanks for sharing! Some places I have enjoyed in my travels back in the day. 

We get to Holland very year or so as my wife Eugenie is Dutch, and so here are a few of our favorites -

-Groningen, relaxed and bohemian university town in the north of the country.  Let me know if you'd like the name of a friend there who'd enjoy being a guide. (i am at

-Friesland - province in the NW - small fishing villages amidst lakes and farms - wonderful place to rent a sailboat and explore.  Boat camping very easy there. Try town of Sneek.

-Biking! anywhere and everywhere! you can rent bikes at most train stations and return them to another station - so - for example - take train to Hoorn, have coffee and enjoye the stunning small town, then ride to Enkhuizen, explore the outdoor Zuiderzee Museum, and drop bikes at station and return. it is such a pleasure to bike out in the countryside. I'd recommend a train/bike trip to the Kruller-Muller Museum - great countryside, great art. Will take a whole day to/fro - -    

-Amsterdam? I'd visit - but not spend a lot of time there - I find it (especially tourist areas) too grungy, depressing. Boat ride tour is a worthwhile way to get a view of town. Also fun - if still open - Rembrandt exhibit at the "Buers", old stock exchange - wonderful pictures (reproductions) and stories.

- Medium sized market towns - Delft, Gouda, have sights aplenty, are quiet, pleasant for a day trip. If in Goude -  visit the "Wag" on the main square which is for tourist info and museum about Goude - worth visiting. Ask for Mr. or Mrs. Ballering - my in-laws - who work there two days aweek... email if if going!

- Rotterdam - very different feeling town - modern, stylish architecture and a thriving port - got a lot of life to it.


Speaking of costs - you will find the Netherlands a little pricey - probably 10% more than germany, and 20% more than E. germany. I'd recommend Leipzig in the east, if you have time - glorious historic city starting to recover.... and relatively economical. Let me know if going there  - have some american friends who are residents.




Chris Wolz



Zaanse Schans, Utrecht and Maastricht

By: fullfrontalnerdity on October 16, 2005 - 6:41pm

My wife and I have been through the Netherlands twice.  If you're in the vicinity of Amsterdam, check out the windmills at Zaanse Schanse, just northwest of the city.  Its easily accessibly by train and you can see a few working windmills.  Check out the mustard grinding windmill, we bought a bottle and wish we had purchased more!  Southeast of Amsterdam is Utrecht, a much smaller and slower town than Amsterdam, still built on canals.  Spend a day there wandering around.  If its market day, you can pick up cheaps eats such as local cheeses, bread, pastries, etc.


In the southern end of Holland, squished between Belgium and Germany is Maastricht, a small college town spanning the Maas river.  We spent a day there enjoying the friendly atmosphere while trying some local food and drink.  Maastricht is very laid back and a great place to stop if you're in Koln (Cologne), Germany which is just across the border.



The Netherlands aren't just for smoking you know what

By: tina brake on October 4, 2005 - 3:58pm
We went to the Netherlands a while back and by far the best thing was renting a bike (you can do it near the train stations) and just riding around on a bike like every other Dutch person.  We rode out into the countryside a bit and it was great.  The Indonesian food was delicious.  When in Amsterdam, before you smoke pot like every other American who goes there, stop by the The Anne Frank house, touristy thing, but really cool if you like history.  I read that story and could never imagine how there could be rooms attached to a house that no one could see or even know was there.  When you go to the area, it makes complete sense.  Also touristy but great...the Keukenhof (sp could be off) Garden.  Quintessential flower Garden.  Beautiful, and the drive out there goes past all the tulip fields so go in the spring if you can.  And above all, stop by an art museum or two.  Many great works and artists are from this area.  You have to see art when you are there...Vermeer, Van Gogh, etc.  Be sure to visit places like Delft, The Hague, or Skavinagen (spelling way off - but it is a famous beach town) for a day.  Don't just go to Amesterdam.  It would be like going to New York if you want to see the US.  Safe Travels!
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