Prague to Milan, Italy

By: leelefever on October 22, 2006 - 4:47am

Prague to Milan, Italy, originally uploaded by LeeLeFever_TwinF.

Milan was never high on the list of destinations - not because its not worthy, but because Italy offers so many other places. We're going due to geography - its a great place to rent a car and drive around Italy and Switzerland. So, that's what we're doing over the next 10 days or so.

Judging from the people boarding the plane, Milan should be interesting in a way that exposes our complete lack of euro-fashion sense. The city is one of the world's fashion capitals. I already feel like I'm not nearly cool enough for Milan - and we're still in Prague.

Observing Young Americans in Prague

By: leelefever on October 20, 2006 - 3:38am

It's Friday and at home that means a special treat : a latte. Today we held up this tradition in Prague and got some fancy coffee at a place with good coffee, terrible techno and wifi. In walking to our seats we walked by 2 young women with Apple computers. Little did we know, but these girls would reveal more to us about themselves than we ever wanted to know.

They were American, college age and filling in a profile for a community web site for college students called Facebook. What was special about this situation was that they conversed about every part of their own profile, loud enough for everyone to hear (an American trait it seems).

So there we were, listening to these two girls debate the section of the profile that required them to describe themselves in adjectives - a unique window into the psyche of these two.

This produced such deep quotes as "I'm using 'welcoming' because that's how I am when people come over" and "I'm 'musical' because I listen to Coldplay A LOT". Apparently the word "workaholic" was a no-no and the ensuing discussion it caused ended in one explaining to the other "You just don't understand - I'm not mad at you." In the end this was the list that was defined by one of the girls to describe them to other Facebooks members:

musical, adaptable, idealistic, random, fun loving, disorganized, welcoming, rambunctious.

We would add these two words to their profile: "Loud" and "Entertaining in Public".

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