Video of Typhoon Prapiroon in Macau

By: leelefever on August 3, 2006 - 9:52am
The typhoon has thrown a monkey wrench into a couple of days of our plans, but it also gave us a chance to experience some foreign weather. Even as I write this, the wind is pushing on the windows of our hotel room so much that we decided to close the curtains in case they break. Other than making this video, we've been inside the hotel for the WHOLE day. Maybe tomorrow we'll get to Hong Kong.

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Denied for Hong Kong

By: sachilefever on August 2, 2006 - 6:27pm

Typhoon Prapiroon is coming through these parts this afternoon which means ferries to Hong Kong have denied us passage. All boats were tied up to dock this morning after the typhoon signal was hoisted to "8". We are stuck in Macau for one more day and have time to find out what exactly a signal "8" means. Oh - we just lost the TV we go!

Off to Macau

By: leelefever on July 31, 2006 - 9:31pm

Macau, originally uploaded by LeeLeFever_TwinF.

My wife is a ninja when it comes to finding cheap airline tickets. For some reason it would have cost about US$650 for us both to fly from Hanoi to Hong Kong or Macau. What Sachi found was that if we flew the opposite direction from Hanoi (to Bangkok) and then flew from Bangkok to Macau, we could save over 1/2, including departure tax and one night in Bangkok.  A ninja indeed.

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