Tune Into the Chris Pirillo Show Tonight

By: leelefever on December 8, 2005 - 5:29pm

I know this is late notice, but Sachi and I will be on The Chris Pirillo Show tonight, which is a live audio show on the Web. You can listen to the live stream of the show starting at 6pm tonight (PST). I think we'll be on 7:30-ish.

Get involved if you wish by calling  877-414-5856 to ask questions, etc. If you miss it, you'll be able to listen for a while here.  I wonder what Chris is going to ask?



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Kris' Rats Nest

By: leelefever on December 6, 2005 - 10:20pm

Updated:  The photo below was uploaded during a podcast in real time. Once the podcast is online, I'll link to it and you can list to me talk about posting this photo with my Treo 650. Here is the podcast of our talk.


Kris' Rats Nest, originally uploaded by Lee LeFever and TwinF.

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