The Big Apple

By: leelefever on December 11, 2005 - 8:34pm
In some ways, I think New York City is the perfect place for us to start.  It's like we get a preview of the people, languages and foods of the world all in one place.  We're both quite sure that we heard more words in other languages tonight than English.
We also learned how to cross the street like a local. From a few observations, it seems to go like this...
Approach the corner and if there are cars parked by the corner, go ahead and get out onto the street about a cars width from the curb- the parked car can protect you from the oncoming traffic. Then, as the lights begin to change, go ahead and start crossing the street.  If you do it correctly, you should be half-way across the street when the crossing light turns to "walk". While I'm sure this isn't just a NY thing, it's different from Seattle and something we witnessed multiple times..
Tomorrow it's up to White Plains to meet with some folks I worked with at the March of Dimes and then early dinner with AJ and Andrew from YourInnerVagabond

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