Making Extra Passport Photos

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By: leelefever on November 21, 2005 - 9:33pm

We've read that it's smart to take extra passport photos on a trip around the world, mainly because visas often require photos and having them with you can be a way to save time and money.  So, tonight we made our own passport photos. 

If you're going to make passport photos, it's important to know about the government guidelines.  This page is very helpful.  Here is a good tutorial too.

 As you can see on the left we had problem with light, or lack thereof, but in the end we were able to print them on photo paper on our home printer.

We're taking 24 pictures each, which should last us for a while.  Also, you might remember to save the file that contains the photos in an accessible place on the Web while you're on the road. 


By: thaikarl (not verified) on January 12, 2007 - 12:25am
one really handy way to carry photos is make them into business cards.  i chose a passport style head shot of myself and filled one side of a photo with it.  beside that i put my business card info: name, home address, home phone (with international dialing code for USA) web and email address.  i laid them out so that the kodak photo printer at the drugstore would print them 4 up on a 4x6 inch photo.  inkjet photo prints made at home can smear and run.  when you give them as business and travel cards, people will remember you - because they have the face to associate with the card, and when you need a passport/visa/border/company/bank/tourist pass whatever photo, you have one.  often times they just stapled the whole card to the application.  next time i make some, i'm going to put my passport number on the card - without identifying what the number is.  hotels want your passport number alot.  you could obfuscate the passport number by adding null numbers or letters at the beginning and end of the number you print on the card, if you're paranoid about it.  if they want photo only, just cut off the headshot.  i did the layout in photoshop.