Check Out These Personal Travel Sites

By: leelefever on October 9, 2005 - 2:38pm

We've been on the lookout for other sites like this- where people have created a site to go along with their trip.  I've been pretty impressed.

Here are a few I've been following for a while now and recommend: - Andy has been traveling for many years straight, posts often and shares lot of interesting perspectives from around the world.

Constanttrek- This is pretty amazing.  This is an Australian couple who are walking (yes, walking) from London to Cape Town, South Africa.  Lately they are starting their trek across the Sahara with camels.  

TheRadBlog - Jon Rawlinson has gotten to be a friend lately and I've really enjoyed his site. Something unique are his videos which are impeccably edited and set to great music.

Jules and Emily - This is a Seattle couple doing a trip similar to what ours will be.  They don't post often, but are fun to watch. They are currently in Japan.

Nancy White - Nancy is a friend here in Seattle who often travels and shares her experiences- often of the gastronmic variety. Yum! 


We've also heard about a few more from TwinF readers:

I'm sure there a ton more out there.  Please do comment if you are aware of other sites...



Patrick Carrol's Trip

By: leelefever on October 5, 2005 - 6:55am
Chris Carfi pointed me to a site by New Zealander C. Patrick Carrol that documents his trip around the world in 2001.   Though it was before the days of blogs, he kept a journal and has lots of photos on his site.  I can get lost in sites like this, lost in a good way. Patrick is another person from which we can learn.  If you know of other round-the-world-trip sites, please let us know...

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